How to enable Gmail Push Notifications

With Rinkt Google activities you can listen to any new gmail email using Notify on Message activity

The Notify on Message activity is using the Gmail push notifications and for this to work, you need to configure your gmail account for push notifications as described below:

  1. Go to Google Cloud Console and follow the steps to create a cloud console project, a topic, a subscription and set the delivery type to pull. Ignore the steps after Publish a message to the topic
  2. Setup the the OAuthentication or Service account as detailed in How to use google activities
  3. Grant publish rights on your topic. Cloud Pub/Sub requires that you grant Gmail privileges to publish notifications to your topic.

To do this, you need to grant publish privileges to You can do this using the Cloud Pub/Sub Developer Console permissions interface following the resource-level access control instructions.

Go to
a. Cloud Pub/Sub Developer Console permissions interface
b. Click the topic you created at step 1.
c. Grant permissions to, right panel.

You may also follow the Google documentation page, but there some steps that might be confusing.